Dear Friend,

Bloom Where You’re Planted is a finished product of God’s guidance throughout my journey with epilepsy. Although he’s been by my side my entire life, it felt like he was doing a little over time in helping me to form each and every word while comprising this particular book. I’ve tried and failed many times before to write decipherable sentences let alone entire pages involving my personal story. First, I never wanted to come across as a “Why me?” Type of person. Second, it felt silly to place so much focus upon my life and my journey. I mean, shouldn’t we be focusing on bigger problems…you know the kind that affect more than one person???

It also struck fear within me to imagine my own personal feelings about my situation with Catamenial Epilepsy being available for the entire world read…

Was I ready to wear my heart on my sleeve in a way that would strip away the supposed guard I had built around it? Because if I was going to write this book I needed to be thorough, I needed to step out of my comfort zone, and I definitely needed to admit to my mistakes (which is never easy on any given day, let alone in a novel for the entire world to read). Though there have been moments during my journey that I have felt weak or ashamed to be walking around with a medical condition, God has always shattered these lies for me. I am only stronger because of His presence in my life and in my heart.  

I needed to let God take the reins with it from the beginning…As Bloom Where You’re Planted began to assemble in my mind, I knew that those words were first formed by Christ. This left me with one more challenge…

To successfully complete a project such as Bloom Where You’re Planted I had some serious reprioritizing to do. I stopped focusing so deeply on my own plan and made glorifying His will for my life #1. This was and still continues to be a challenge for me, but do you know what happened?

The writer’s block lifted and the ideas began to flow. Chapter names, the title, cover design, and, most importantly, the words I chose to share with confidence instead of reluctance. God took every feeling of fear away when He stepped in, took my hand, and led me down a path I never thought possible. By trusting in Him, I now have the satisfaction of sharing those words with people across the globe. I have the hope that my book just might help someone else in need; even if it is just one person! I will know that it was because of my words in Bloom Where You’re Planted…my own account of facing a Valley, but trusting God despite my circumstances. 

My intention for this book has been and always will be to honor and glorify my Savior, Jesus Christ.   

To all of my readers, THANK YOU!!! Unfortunately the simplicity of these two words in no way conveys my enormous gratitude! But, please know that I am incredibly grateful for your support when you made the decision to read my book. I hope you enjoyed every page!    

All my love, 

Kaitlin Dennis